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EndOfTheWorld 25th July 2018 11:57 AM

I'm feeling this too. I have never preordered an Ayu release despite being a big fan for many years now. But I was totally prepared to do it for Ayu's 20th anniversary album. But this product really wasn't made with the fans in mind. It feels like a total cash grab from avex that Ayu seems to be okay with. I have not enjoyed the promotion/marketing for this release so the only chance of me buying this is if the music is good. Otherwise I will buy this release at another time.:shrug

Koumori 25th July 2018 12:04 PM

Same, actually. The last release I bought was You were.../BALLAD, and I was planning on supporting her 20th anniversary releases. But I'm not sure I'd like to buy this. I'll wait to see what it all sounds like in full but I'm disappointed.

rainbow_smile 25th July 2018 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Zeke. (Post 3279696)
^ Someone mentioned the possibility of that track being æternum or something, which could make sense given that the letter m is merely an upside down W.

Even if that were the case, æternum is just a conjugated (adverb?) form of æternal, so still, the meaning is very similar, i think it means something like eternally. But yeah as someone has already mentioned, it can't be that because it clearly looks like an "a", not a "u" on the HQ pic

thomas 25th July 2018 12:33 PM

I've never listened to We Are The Queens in full nor Words so I'm really excited for this new album. :)

So since Ayu has said she had a lot of inspiration and has been in the studio for many times, I just figured this is a collection of songs that didn't fit on the actual album but were too good to just ignore without any release of some kind. So maybe there will be a full album soon with a completely different sound. Although that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

dumbellz 25th July 2018 12:38 PM

Could the song, W be a similar song as M?

rainbow_smile 25th July 2018 12:39 PM

I really want to pre-order this, but I'm not sure if I can afford at this time lol Since I'm currently supporting another artist and they've been releasing lots of stuff recently too, and there's also other stuff I need money for :(

CeReSu 25th July 2018 12:45 PM

Same as a lot of you, the last time I bought an Ayu's album was Party Queen, mostly because it was a little sentimental, I went to see her in London while she was recording it so it reminded me this moment.
Since then...
I was willing to buy this one, if it was a proper 20th anniversary album but hell...
This is Ayu, come on! 3 new songs is nothing in two years. I know some of the fans are happy because we have a least something but I feel like this release is a big joke, a big excuse for another big tour.
I know that her first fans are Japanese but come on, Ayu is aware that her fanbase is all arround the world! And not everybody can fly in Japan to see her.
I did once, it was 8 years ago (day for day! It was the final for R'n'C Tour!) but it took me a lot of work to afford this trip.
So having a full album would be great for her fans who can't see her touring.
Touring is great (and I'm grateful I can watch her concerts thanks to TV version) but new music is even better imo.

njanjayrp 25th July 2018 12:55 PM

I purchased every studio/legit mini album she's released over the years. I stopped buying singles after MOON/blossom as they didn't have much of a value.

rainbow_smile 25th July 2018 01:08 PM

Tbh it's up to her to decide whether she prefers releasing new music or touring, she doesn't owe us new music just because we want it. Yes, it's sad for international fans (which are a minority of her fanbase by far), but there's nothing we can do if she likes touring more than making music these days :shrug

dreamalley 25th July 2018 01:11 PM

This "new album" is extremely underwhelming for a 20th anniversary release.

Will there be a new song/MV released before the album?

ayuuk 25th July 2018 01:32 PM

Was the price of Five's CD only version 1800yen?

rainbow_smile 25th July 2018 01:34 PM

^ FIVE CD-only version is currently selling for 1800 yen on CDJapan

!Lawi! 25th July 2018 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by dumbellz (Post 3279714)
Could the song, W be a similar song as M?

I was wondering too! I am not expecting similarities in the music or anything, but it would be cool if it referred to M in the themes. If M is about a guiding entity, what if, with the whole Max conspiracy theory, W was about being played?

As for the conversation going on I can only agree. I consider myself a big fan but I've only ever bought albums and minis. I purchased her last few releases digitally and was honestly happy to do so, but I don't think I'll be putting any money on TROUBLE. I'm willing to give it good numbers on Spotify though, so she better not make it an AWA exclusive again !

voltron 25th July 2018 02:41 PM

Can we all just focus on the good here? The album (and/or a song) could have been called "Just the Beginning" lol

owlflight 25th July 2018 02:41 PM

Still not a huge fan of the covers (though they do look nice!). It’s about the music for me anyway. I just wish we were getting more than 3 new songs. Or maybe I’ll just keep hoping for a remix album set. At least the release date isn’t too far away!

wednesday 25th July 2018 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by voltron (Post 3279733)
Can we all just focus on the good here? The album (and/or a song) could have been called "Just the Beginning" lol

If that's the only good thing then this release is more than just a little sad. :laugh

I actually haven't listened to the previously released tracks, so there are only new songs for me. And I find myself more inclined to listen to this release, because it will be easier to digest. A full album would be intimidating.

inspire_rmx 25th July 2018 03:25 PM

love all 3 covers! if only its a proper full length album

My Rainbow 25th July 2018 03:33 PM

I'm sure the one who told ayu this release is ok with 5 miserable songs is the same one who chose the covers for Sunrise/Sunset single and A SUMMER: HER WORST ENEMY.

Andrenekoi 25th July 2018 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by MissElin_ (Post 3279663)
Yes you are very correct. I am basing my statement on the target audience I know, AHS and the smaller Japanese fanbase I personally know here in Japan. :yes

That being said, I still hold on to my point of view. I still believe there's so many marketing blunders in this release.

Yeah, I'm not really deffending the strategy of calling it an album. Just pointing out AHS isn't the best way of getting an overall view of how successful any strategy she comes out with is.

roxaskh2fm 25th July 2018 03:45 PM

I think that i'll buy only the chapter 3 version and hope to found the chapter 1 version in a bookoff (even if in 2020) XD

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