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tokyoxjapanxfan 6th April 2018 06:23 PM

I wonder if she's tired of Seasons? Lol

Katsuyuki012 6th April 2018 08:23 PM

She wouldn't sing it then. She has other hits to chose and honestly she doesn't sing it as much these days as people present it imo.

Evan Odinson 6th April 2018 09:52 PM

Nothing new but those are not bad choices specially for an anniversary celebration, and I love both so I'm good with it, and I really want to see how she looks with that pink hair and white dress :luv2

Chris85 7th April 2018 05:20 AM

Surreal is fine, but she always struggles with lalalalai parts.

ayufan89 7th April 2018 02:43 PM

She looked really good!
Amazing how she looks much skinnier compared to LINE Live

Katsuyuki012 7th April 2018 03:02 PM

Checked clips and she sounded really good. Ahh I can't wait for somebody to upload it already.

Diego-kun 7th April 2018 03:35 PM

Why Timmy? Why?


Mirrorcle Monster 7th April 2018 03:36 PM


LQ version

xLuna&1LOVE 7th April 2018 03:37 PM

^^Omygoood, that cracks me up!

Katsuyuki012 7th April 2018 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by Diego-kun (Post 3268809)

Ask Ayu why xD

KittyKathy 7th April 2018 03:39 PM

This is... Oh my God.

Mirrorcle Monster 7th April 2018 03:42 PM

omg she was so EXtRA

Teppei-chan 7th April 2018 03:52 PM

I loved her performance, especially SEASONS. Imo her voice was so beautiful in it

Katsuyuki012 7th April 2018 03:54 PM


Evan Odinson 7th April 2018 03:57 PM

Just saw this random tweet about ayu's performance:

Ayumi Hamasakiís backup singers:
-normal backup singer
-Babymetal stunt double
-guy in a sari with heart nipples #cdtv

I'm dying :laugh

Cahz- 7th April 2018 04:06 PM

I liked it. She sounded fine on both:luv2
The movements on the beginning of SEASONS tho :tipsy

xLuna&1LOVE 7th April 2018 04:13 PM

I preferred SEASONS over SURREAL, but she was vocally really good. If it wasn't for the extreme gestures or the typical way her backgroundsingers are dressed I would give it an A, easily. But whatever, it is so iconic Ayu and I am so glad to watch a performance in which she looked comfortable, instead of struggling. For someone who is hearing so little, and still delivering this... is just amazeballs.

Now I want also pink hair.

voltron 7th April 2018 04:22 PM

Probably her best TV live in years. She transitioned to the high notes so we'll! I wonder if she's taking vocal lessons again.

Katsuyuki012 7th April 2018 04:26 PM

Her best live since 2015 I'd say.

primavera♥ 7th April 2018 04:46 PM

Wow. She sounds amazing. I really enjoyed watching that.

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