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visionfactory 3rd August 2020 01:15 AM

"A" single tracks popularity
I've always wondered. A was ayu's 1st million-seller, I imagine it was such a hit at the time.

"A" has 4 a-sides but which is the most promiment one? Do we have a certain official information that monochrome is the leading track?

Also. About popularity. I've seen on television when they talk about ayu they usually play M, SEASONS, evolution, Boys & Girls. What about "A"?

Is any of the 4 songs popular? It is even rare for ayu to perform any of these songs except for Trauma, which she overplayed. Were these songs not such a big hit individually then?

Even End roll made it to A BEST which is one of Japan's best-selling album of all times. Why would ayu not overplay such song?

truehappiness 3rd August 2020 01:19 AM

monochrome is probably the big one aside from Trauma. They all kind of shared the spotlight though. I would say the one given least recognition seems to be too late.

monochrome also got voted in by fans to be on A SUMMER BEST over the other three tracks.

I think the single to Ayu represented a time when she may have wanted to quit being a singer, so aside from Trauma which sort of forced itself into concerts, the rest of the songs are not performed as much due to the memories associated with them.


When people had the opportunity to vote for songs to get into A BEST LIVE they also voted for Trauma / End roll / monochrome but kind of ignored too late.

visionfactory 9th August 2020 10:29 AM

Thank you very much for the details truehappiness!

I really love this single I'd love see her perform these songs more often, and I'm glad 3 of them made it to A BEST LIVE list (kinda sad about too late which is my favorite track along monochrome)

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