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EndOfTheWorld 29th July 2018 05:09 AM

I feel like a lot of assumptions and speculation is going on here. We don't really know anything about Ayu's love life.:shrug
Just her songwriting that is open to interpretation and never mentions anyone by name. We don't know if Nagase is her first love or if Ayu is his first love. Or that this song is about him.
What if she wrote a love song just because she felt like it?:laugh
I've read the translations a few times now and I do think it's a great song. I also love Ayu's nostalgic style of writing. I myself tend to dwell on the past.

summerain 29th July 2018 06:57 AM

One of the possible readings of these lyrics is a message from Ayumi to her past fans, the people who went away in some point of her carreer and now are adults, just like her. Like if she's trying to reach out them again.

This interpretation could make some sense because she's releasing this during her 20th Anniversary, there's a summer song playlist appealing to nostalgia and this particular song will be inserted into that when TROUBLE is released.

But could be Nagase, I don't know.

KittyKathy 29th July 2018 07:47 AM

I don't think this song is dedicated to her former fans.

''I murmur your name again and again'' - She sing about one person.

Andrenekoi 29th July 2018 08:07 AM

^In most, if not all, of her songs dedicated to the fans she refeers to people in the singular. How else would the listener feel special?

summerain 29th July 2018 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by KittyKathy (Post 3280669)
I don't think this song is dedicated to her former fans.

''I murmur your name again and again'' - She sing about one person.

RED LINE ~for TA~ is a direct message to her fans and she uses singular to refer to them.


Actually, it's quite normal to use singular in pop music to show some intimacy to the listener, but speaking collectively.

EDIT: Ivy is another clear example of that:

KittyKathy 29th July 2018 08:48 AM

^She sings here in general. It is clear that she thinks about more people.

''I murmur your name again and again'' - So she knows the name of her fan(s)?

Andrenekoi 13th August 2018 05:19 AM

After the explanation about the title, I'm believing this song is about adult Ayu parting ways with past Ayu.

AyuWorld 18th August 2018 05:34 AM

anyone made the romaji for this?

Xianghua 18th August 2018 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by AyuWorld (Post 3283732)
anyone made the romaji for this?

tenshi no hane included it with the translation on her site that she mentioned on the other page :)


Originally Posted by tenshi no hane (Post 3280510)
Nice translation, Yurai.

I also made a translation, if anyone's interested >> translation

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