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Sky High 23rd July 2018 12:23 PM

Me when I realized that there will be no pv on new album.


Uknow! 23rd July 2018 12:30 PM

Maybe she is going to release a PV in YouTube that will be included in a DVD of a new album after TROUBLE, if I can dream...

mizuki-7 23rd July 2018 12:46 PM

What’s troubling me lol is that they are not presenting it as a mini album like Five or sixxxx but as an album it’s strange ! Why her anniversaries are never goodly handled ?? And this urgency of making new tour back to back is a bit overwhelming.... I admire her hard work but the years are passing and nothing really exciting happen Beside touring touring and touring again ..m

Aderianu 23rd July 2018 01:07 PM


Sky High 23rd July 2018 01:11 PM

Wow i love the cover photo so much :)

Gustavopc 23rd July 2018 01:11 PM

Another pic of her face for an album cover :/ Oh well... I mean, she looks pretty for sure but there's nothing new to this, and I was expecting the shoot from Aderianu's set to be used in this album, so it's a bit of let down
At least the red against the black and white looks good, it gives attention to the title, unlike M(A)DE IN JAPAN

CeReSu 23rd July 2018 01:15 PM

I have to admit, the pic is beautiful!
I didn't imagine that for the TROUBLE title but I like it!

Federica-chan 23rd July 2018 01:29 PM

I love the cover so so so so much! And I'm really happy about this new mini album. I know, it's not an album, but I'm grateful for all she gives to us; also if there are only three new songs.

Cahz- 23rd July 2018 01:50 PM

Instant love for that cover

Chris85 23rd July 2018 02:04 PM

Beautiful cover. Can't helping thinking though that nails will probably leave marks on skin if you press like that. :-D

freedreamer 23rd July 2018 02:06 PM

it has a fierceness to it! BUT 3 OUT OF 5 SONGS ARE NOT FIERCE (and i dun care about WatQ)

relmy 23rd July 2018 02:10 PM

Amazing cover!! There's another cover though, right? This one is so perfect I don't know what they could do for an alternate one. It's just so classic Ayu.

owlflight 23rd July 2018 02:30 PM

The cover is nice but I feel like there could be more.

roxaskh2fm 23rd July 2018 02:35 PM

I'm so in love with this cover *-*

Earth_maiden 23rd July 2018 02:39 PM

I can't help but wish she'd use the shots with the feathers, as in Aderianu's sig and avatar. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

tokyoxjapanxfan 23rd July 2018 03:04 PM

It’s nice. I prefer the shot she’s using as a profile pic on Twitter

ayujarl 23rd July 2018 03:08 PM


evolutionricky 23rd July 2018 03:55 PM

Eh the album cover is okay.

nalini-dahlia 23rd July 2018 04:16 PM

I like that cover a lot!

Mirrorcle Monster 23rd July 2018 04:20 PM

I love the cover, hope it turns out to be a good 3-side single!

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