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SurrealDreams 24th May 2003 01:33 AM

Your screen resolution & net speed
Hello initiates, I'd like u to vote on this poll, and using the results we can decide on a recommended signature size that fits best for everyone.

Its a mutiple choice poll but please vote one for your screen resolution and one for your net speed.

I also want to ask - do the threads here load quick for u? How about when compared to other forums?

thanks!! :)

Unimatrix Prime™ 24th May 2003 02:55 AM

voted... but as I've said b4, as long as the filesize of the sigs is small, things should be ok, even for 56k users... and whomever still uses anything lower than 800x600 (even that's not too big either...lol) should see about getting that increased :P

Takke 24th May 2003 03:09 AM



rainbowseason 24th May 2003 03:34 AM

i'm on 1280X1024 dail up why u wanna know hehe just out of the intrest or something

shinjite 24th May 2003 03:36 AM

i'm a 1280x1024 boy ;). i have 56k ((dail-up)).

the threads here do not load fast for me. sometimes i find myself waiting at least 5 mins. for a someone peoples' sigs to load.

rainbowseason>> they probally want to know so they can set rules on sig. size & so they can make the forum fast/enjoyable for everyone.

pSyko_mEi_ xD 24th May 2003 03:46 AM



Unimatrix Prime™ 24th May 2003 04:10 AM

You can do like some people here do any turn off all sigs and avatars by going into the user cp


perhaps it's cuz of my DSL, but I've never had problems loading sigs, even when my DSL was utter garbage...lol... as I've said, it just depends on the filesize of the image, so think of it like this:

56k = 5-7kb/sec, so a 50kb sig (which I commonly use) should load, at most, in 10 seconds, regardless of the actual pixel size.

angela 24th May 2003 05:25 AM

800 x 600!
CAble speed~

Super Ichiban 24th May 2003 06:27 AM

1024 X 768; 56K

Sometimes it takes long to load. The animated sigs and avatars are killing me.

rainbow_momiji™ 24th May 2003 06:51 AM

over 1280x1024 and a t1 and a t3 connection ^-^ i got 2 pc's

angela 24th May 2003 07:38 AM


Originally posted by rainbow_momiji?
over 1280x1024 and a t1 and a t3 connection ^-^ i got 2 pc's
urs is so cool ! nextime ayumi files i shd get it from u~ hEeeee~

destiny_ayu 24th May 2003 08:26 AM

256 k

Grantith 24th May 2003 02:00 PM

Everything looks fine to me. I'm on cable so it loads fast too.

shinjite you are correct. We just want to make sure that things aren't too slow.

Chireresu 24th May 2003 05:36 PM


Originally posted by angela
800 x 600!
CAble speed~

Same here!:thumbsup

Cientifik 24th May 2003 11:45 PM

my resolution is 1024x768 and i have a cable connection.

nmskalmn 26th May 2003 02:29 PM

800 X 600

~*Aria*~ 26th May 2003 05:08 PM

some forums don't allow signatures for faster loading

fantaisie.sign 27th May 2003 12:44 AM

1024x768 with a (lousy) 56k connection. Usually it stays between 42.6k and 49k.

EdenZone 30th May 2003 06:43 PM

i prefer 1024 X 768 res. just the right size for me

a_yu_volution 4th June 2003 07:12 PM

1024 x 768 - DSL (HOME)

1280 x 1024 - T1 (LAB)

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