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emi♡ 7th May 2009 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by Andrenekoi (Post 1932322)
emiko: IMO only audience/b&g in at07 was visualy polluted...

yeah I figured you wouldn't agree. But at least that performance has all the same elements. Stage style and costume style. From the same period.

Originally Posted by waterballoon (Post 1932326)
Oh btw, speaking about emiko, lol, I find that the AT 07 costumes were really good actually. I'm actually kinda overwhelmed by your thoughts about the evolution costume cos I only know it looks good, but know, yes I realize it's a mish-mash of a lot of styles and so... haphazard?

Anyway, AT 07 was the last concert to have decent ballad costumes. M/appears was very simple and beautiful, and part of Me/Secret was needless to say. :)

I don't know...maybe it's because I'm an Art History major...but that mish mash is just awful to me.

I actually didn't like the M/appears costume either though...the green with the flowers? Awful color...and it didn't really flatter her body either. And again she takes us through another period in history...

With some other artists...what usually happens it...if they were going to take us through costumes from different periods...usually the music would reflect it...like a remix with those elements...but Ayu's really doesn't...

The rest of the outfits are pretty okay though. Better than a lot of her other outfits. But I think like...a lot of the outfits are the same style, that I think she kinda perfected in 08 and those are better...but yeah the ballad costumes after for me, it's 07 are awful...but I actually think they started going downhill in 06.

sparkle glitter 7th May 2009 09:33 PM

Yeah...emiko...it's...okay...to.....type...like... a...normal...person....once....in.....a....while..

Oh, the lights in this tour will be fantastic.

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