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aura~ 28th January 2010 02:26 PM

[project] ~ A WORLD IS ONE ~ DVD


zoomzoom I hope you don't care I used it ^^

Hi!! Don't call me crazy!! I'm crazy, sure, but after the success with A WORLD IS ONE book I feel like doing it, and I'm sure we can do it!!

So let me explain what I'm thinking about!


I want to make a DVD (more than one) with lots of clips from as international fans as we can, and deliver it to Ayu or Ayu staff. Of course you can say what you want, but it has to be shorter than a letter, I think this is about to show our love to Ayu and show her that we are a lot and that we are all together more than tell her our life.

Final date

For me there's no final date. The book was thought to be ended for London, and, yes, we could put together 160 letters. But you all know that we are more than 160 fans. I'm reading how a lot of member that didn't send a letter regret it now. I don't want to have a final date because I want to have as many clips as possible, so that people will have time to do it, and everyone will know about that.

When we will deliver it? I don't know... The next time Ayu will come to Europe? If some of us goes to Japan and see her staff? I don't know, but for the next time we will be able to give something to Ayu, we will have it done.

EDIT! (29/01)

Seems like a good idea to have a deadline. At least for the DVD crew. Maybe we can set 31st of august as a deadline to have the animation, graphics and all this done?? At the same time we have to collect the clips and subtitling them. After the 31 of august we will keep collecting clips until we know we can give the DVD box to Ayu. (So until that day, the names on the booklet can't be done, nor the final credits cause we'll keep adding names ^^)

EDIT! (19/05)

Deadline * 31 October: This deadline is not official. I mean that it can be changed. For now it's possible that I will go to CDL next December, and I hope we will be able to deliver it to Ayu. IF I CAN'T go, or IF we CAN'T deliver it to Ayu there, we will keep the deadline as unknown until the next oportunity ^^ so you would be able to keep sending clips. The deadline is this cause once you send the clips we will have to finish the subtitles so I wanna have enough time ^^


As there's no final date, I hope everyone will do something, and I know that there's a lot of people here who are in other forums. Please, advertise this project so that everyone will know about it. We are a lot.

Copy this text, talk about "A WORLD IS ONE" book and its success, show Ayu's pic holding the book or her post in TA!! The fact that we were able to give 160 letters to Ayu will show people that it's posible to do this kind of things!!

What to do?

I've read in the thread of the fanbook about doing a DVD, and someone also said that maybe people doesn't feel comfortable showing their face or talking... For the clip you can do anything you want: you can show your Ayu collection, show your town/city, your dog, a teddy bear... anything... you can record your voice, or show messages... or you can be in front of a camera and talk to Ayu!! Anything!!

EDIT! (19/05)

There have been a lot of people saying that they CAN'T record a clip. Of course, even if this project is to do a DVD, the objective is to show Ayu messages from many fans, so I don't want people to be left out just because thay can't record it.

SO, JUST for those fans who can't record a clip, you can write a letter, just like in the book, 1 page, no more. I will do a little book with this letters.

This is NOT a second option. YOU have to record a clip if you can, this is just for those who can't do it. And you CAN'T do both things.

How to do it?

* 1min 30sec max. clip (you can -and it would be more interesting- to speak in your language, you can show your face or not, your town/city, your ayu collection... what you want!)
* No matter what language are you using, you have to send the English text of what are you saying on the clip (even if you speak in English) together with the clip. You don't have to do the subtitles, there will be people doing it, that's why we need the text.
* There's no problem of how you record it, the DVD crew will convert them.
* Also, do not worry about the subtitles, send the English text together with the clip, we will subtitle them ^^
* The clips have to be send to Hatix e-mail.
* As with the book, don't say anything about AHS or other forums.


Send you video with a text document with what you said in English! You can speak in every language you want, even japanese, suahili, I don't care XDD But english text please!!

To do it easier for Hatix when sending your clip and english text put your NAME/USERNAME in the file name of both, the clip and the text.

For example:

Clip: aura~1.avi
Text: aura~2.doc

The result

My idea is do a DVD for Asia, another one for Europe, N. America, S. America, Africa (I can't think of an AHS member from Africa but it's possible!!) and Oceania. Also there have been the idea of a DVD with extras. There have been a lot of ideas, like send fanmade clips, covers, etc... It's ok to do this and Ayu will find it amazing for sure hahaha For now I'm sure that it will have the non-selected introductory videos from the contest. But before doing extras I want to have the clips. So after the clips deadline (for now it's 31/10) there will be still 1 month to deliver extras ^^

All DVD's will go all inside a box (like A COMPLETE), inside every CD case there will be a cover saying the continent and inside a booklet with the names of the fans in that DVD sorted by country. There will be also a general booklet in the box with a little introductory text of what is this box, the info of who did what -credits- (the staff), the non-selected covers for the box, a collage with fans pics with the RnRC tattoo, and... I don't know, you can give ideas.

Every DVD will have a menu to choose between countries.


Is an ambitious project, I know, but we can do it if everyone helps, for example talk about it to other forums...

I started this project but I'll need help!!

If you want to help with it, say it here and I'll count you in!!

Also, people who will participate with the DVD (sending their clip) also say it here (and country) because I'll start a list.

This is a project and this is what I thought about it, but if you have more ideas or suggestions, please say it!!


As it seems you all like the idea, you can start advertising about it on your forum, website, blog, facebook, youtube... everywhere!!!

Send the clips to this e-mail: hatix001[at]gmail[dot]com

you can send a link for medaupload, mediafire, etc...


UPDATE 29/01

- Hatix will recieve the clips, will resize them, change the format, and put them together by country in a unique file??

- Work to do:

* The same introduction video for all the DVD, at the end of the intro there will be something (idea: DOME tour evolution glove opening adn showing the name of the continent) for the name of the continent. So only ONE persone have to do it... or we can accept clips and vote for the best???

* Animated menú for the DVD's (same for all or different depending on the continent??? only one person doing it or more??). In that menu Ayu will be able to select the countries.

* 3D Ayu (alterna88 working on it) this will go before the clips of one country (f.ex: 3DAyu "Here you have video messages from Germany!!" and clips start.

* Cover for the box and design for booklets and prologue-page (only one person doing it??) Also, Design for the DVD disc!!

* Subtitles (people doing it, we have to agree on doign the same type of text, size, colour, position... for all clips)

- for the booklets and cover there's no problem, I'll buy a booklet-type paper, and also for the DVD discs and print them! I'll record the DVD, but I hope people who knows about it will be able to put it all together (the intro before the menu, the 3D ayu before the clips of the respective country, etc..)

UPDATE 19/05

- I decided to get the design (box, booklets, cover, etc...) and the video introduction that will come in every DVD with 2 contests as with the AWiO book cover. It's fair that AHS users select the one that they think is the best one ^^ So please, I hope you all will participate! As with the book, the non-selected works (covers) will appear in the booklet, and the video intreoduction in another DVD with extras (about the extras, there have been a lot of ideas, those will be done after the main things ^^)

- We have 2 deadlines for now:

* 31 August: for the design, intro, menu, etc...
* 31 October: for you all to send the clips. This deadline is not official. I mean that it can be changed. For now it's possible that I will go to CDL next December, and I hope we will be able to deliver it to Ayu. IF I CAN'T go, or IF we CAN'T deliver it to Ayu there, we will keep the deadline as unknown until the next oportunity ^^ so you would be able to keep sending clips. The deadline is this cause once you send the clips we will have to finish the subtitles so I wanna have enough time ^^

- For now... I think I don't have to say anything more... Just... read again the rules and all info if you dont' remember sth, I've updated the "how to do" part with a new info about the files. It will be easier for Hatix to send him the clips and texts with the same file name to avoid confusion ^^ And don't forget about it, tell it to you ayufans friends or to other forums and sites!!






* walking.proud
(organisation? xD, recording, printing, buying box... material thing...)

* ~angel*ayumi~
(subtitles, graphics)

* Empry
(DVD Authoring, DVD Menus, Designing and Motion Graphics)

* Luja.

* anterna88
(3D animation)

* Hatix
(Format convertion, scale clip resolutions, introduction making, DVD menus animation, subtitle)

* Love Appears
(covering graphic design/animation/multimedia, subtitling and encoding)

* Abby2009

As I will do a contest to select the graphics and the intro clip, I only need people to do subtitles as Hatix already works on the encoding and there're already 2 who can work on the DVD.

Members participating



* Brunei

- majrakun
- miharufroggy

* Indonesia

- AyUmIXx
- y_nathz
- Chef+Vanny
- Arenia
- dayumi

* Malaysia

- asmAyumi1992
- yumiikaz

* Palestine

- Yumsushi

* Philippines

- Lanz16
- Lora-Ayu
- viomarionette

* Thailand

- ~※人魚※~
- maaya


* Austria

- Midori-chan

* Belgium

- CeReSu
- Hatix
- YUIAyuNamieUtada

* Croatia

- ren0210989

* Czech Republic

- CZECHayu

* Finland

- indyplus
- Apart.

* France

- Ayu_Ready

* Germany

- noidea
- ~angel*ayumi~
- Empry
- Luja.
- °~Kitty~°
- Moonstar
- Zoe88
- Ayufan18
- *-_Ayu-fan_-*

* Italy

- curryflavour

* Norway

- Maxker

* Poland

- maxikot
- Dustie
- acia2004

* Russia

- alterna88
- LostHeaven
- Alucard from Hellsing

* Slovakia

- slavomiros

* Spain

- aura~
- MirrocleHeaven*
- dulceku
- spanishfan
- miki_beland
- Yumi(e)
- kouga
- hpg23
- gigipan*
- yabieru
- crea_spain
- gacki
- toniayu
- Heavenly Zerase
- Unai_

* Sweden

- MissElin

* The Netherlands

- xLuna&1LOVE
- AyuHamasaki01
- Nandokanji

* Ukraine

- Ayumi_lover

* United Kingdom

- Ianieee
- relmy
- ~Saru
- powpowparn
- lilmissgrusome
- Alixx!
- Jennifer-x


- hanabi_surreal

* Canada

- Kesteral
- JPopDream
- Max_ZZZ
- oneheart
- tenez
- maikkun
- Neko★munication
- teddbear55
- mimika

* Mexico

- Alther
- Milox


- identity
- polka-dot-jewel
- Love Appears
- kirei_ayumi
- captain-kawaii123
- AyuIsTheBest
- AyUta
- zoomzoom
- kuri♥ayu
- tasking
- Calico
- jean-baptiste
- touchedstar
- ShadeKeiko
- Izzette
- Delirium-Zero
- rikku411
- mimi.chan
- ownsarai
- Ayu_no_tenshi
- AyuIsTheBest
- Insanity1240
- Jennie Mae
- tokyoxjapanxfan
- Neo Daydream
- ayumasing
- tetsuo69
- Embleu
- KillTime111
- Chibi_Venus
- zellyx
- Picaflor 7/4
- jpoisson17
- JackieRos
- starlett
- I Am... Aaron
- ~*Kisarune*~
- zelenk0
- all.night.raver
- yuki_unmei
- JinHamasaki
- TeddyGrahams

* Hawaii (? where I put Hawaii -asking it because of "mmaibff")

- mmaibff


* Australia

- kandelle
- Andali


* Argentina

- nyuna
- Emperatriz_Ayumi

* Brazil

- Anna_Willow
- Batera
- apple-pi
- MidnightGirl
- chestergringo

* Chile

- perfectodub
- ayumimylove

* Colombia

- NeK Hamasaki

* Peru

- Lumine

* Puerto Rico

- luna7996

* Uruguay

- Ayumi27

* Venezuela

- Abby2009


* (?)

- ayufan-
- BanaCherry
- nanakopy87
- kaggy87
- AyaCere
- Ai-amano
- Pommy48
- panda♥
- toniayu
- amorphose
- Nippon
- panda87
- angelicwitch1983
- xLitax
- everlastingRAINBOW
- TNeilson
- Michan

~angel*ayumi~ 28th January 2010 02:32 PM

Sounds like a nice idea, and as we have no deadline I have enough time to clean up my flat and arrange everything.
Maybe I can also help with subtitles and graphics, depends if I can restore the deleted programs from my HDD.
Count me in^^

noidea 28th January 2010 02:37 PM

I'll definitely record a massage for this some time^^

CeReSu 28th January 2010 02:40 PM

OMG Laura is a very good idea!
Can I inform this project on my website and my forum?

So I participate (CeReSu from Belgium)


"Every DVD will have a menu to choose between countries."

a menu to choose between continent is much better I think.

Empry 28th January 2010 02:50 PM

I'll be very busy for the next 2 weeks but I'll be willing to participate in this project by submitting a clip and making the DVD Authoring, DVD Menus, Print Design and Motion Graphics.

Cherry Dynamite 28th January 2010 02:56 PM

I would love to participate. it's good that this project doesn't have a deadline because I'm quite busy with school to film or to make anything at this moment. I'd like to help advertising too. This is one great way to show our love for Ayu an I bet she'll love this!

nanakopy87 28th January 2010 03:00 PM

the clips are in what format?you are going to burn it into region 2 dvd?

Jassychan 28th January 2010 03:12 PM

wow nice idea!! And maybe a chance to be in one of your projects and give/say something to ayumi! :)
What program is the best (and free) to do a nice videoclip with pics?! (never done something like that XD) but if I have a good prog - I think I can do it!

AyUmIXx 28th January 2010 03:12 PM

wow this is exciting!
i'll promote this on my fanblog!! yay~~ <3
this will be great!

i think i'll cover up for the Indonesian fans..
I'll PM you for MSN email address, i would like to talk to you about :)

love in music 28th January 2010 03:30 PM

This is a great idea! I'll never get tired of expressing my love for her :laugh I'm in the US/California

Luja. 28th January 2010 03:47 PM

I'd love to participate! :D It's a great idea!
I am from Germany and can do some advertising among my friends and their friends here and on local pages.

I could help with the subtitles, too, but this depends on whether I will get a new (faster!) PC and how soon.

alterna88 28th January 2010 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by walking.proud (Post 2226181)


Members participating



* Spain

- walking.proud


Don't know it is going to be of help, but I'm an Animation student, and I can help with editing, subtitles and graphics!!
ALSO!! I had an Idea!! I can make a 3D cartoony or realistic version of Ayu and animate her singing or something... cartoony version would be simpler!! tee hee hee... But what do you think guys?! If there are others who work in 3D or know Maya I'd be happy to work together!! Please tell me if you think that's a good idea... =)

alterna88 28th January 2010 04:01 PM

here is my 3D examples of cartoony style I can do... =) http://alterna88.cgsociety.org/gallery/819687/

depends on how quickly you want to make it I might be able to make something in 3D =)

oh.... sorry for this... I've covered Russian fans... I've posted the message across Russian forum, hope this will help

ren0210989 28th January 2010 04:08 PM

awesome idea Laura, count me in, i can help you if you want ^^

here's an idea, most of us have youtube accounts ne? how about making the project there?
you put up a video of this idea there, and everyone makes his own entry and posts it as a video response there :)
that would help in gathering the vids and help find more people :)

kaggy87 28th January 2010 04:10 PM

it is a fantastic idea *_*
it were beautiful if ayu would see our videos *___________*

love in music 28th January 2010 04:13 PM

I have an idea.. it's just an idea, we don't have to use it. But maybe we could have an introduction video..like someone can make some really good video with different ayu clips... kind of like this from 1:05 to 3:06:

AyaCere 28th January 2010 04:15 PM

The idea is super sugoi! :D As I wrote a letter to Ayu I will also participate with the DVD project. Please add me to the list!

aura~ 28th January 2010 04:16 PM

I'm so glad you all like it!! *-*

Ok so, now that nanakopy said it, region 2 is european and also japan region, so yes... and about the clip format, someone that know about it, which is the best one to record in the DVD??

after saying it people can start sending clips!!

polka-dot-jewel 28th January 2010 04:16 PM

lol I completely misunderstood this at first. I got confused with talking about the DVD and the different countries / continents, heh. But, just for future references, for Ayu to absolutely view this in Japan, she'll need a Region 2 NTSC DVD. (There is a difference between Region 2 NTSC and PAL DVD's.)

Funny that this is popping up... A Lady Gaga fan is creating a "Lady Gaga for Love" video with fan pictures and videos :D I'll definitely be participating in both lol I'll definitely be participating in both! XD

°~Kitty~° 28th January 2010 04:23 PM

Count me in Laura =)
I'm so gonna do this, haha xD
Great idea :)

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