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kengseng1009 22nd January 2019 11:40 AM

possibility of winning tix + fan letter
Hi guys I've applied for the A^3 tour for both 2 dates. Since im new to seeing ayu so i wanna know how possible is it to win the tix.

Would it be very difficult to win a tix??

Another thing is that I wanna write ayu a letter. Do you know how I can give it to ayu/ or her staff members when I arrive the arena???

Many thanks~~

attractive nausea 30th January 2019 08:47 PM

Results are out now, did you get your tickets? :)
Since it's an arena i guess the chances of getting a ticket are high but at the same time this "tour" is only limited to two days so maybe the chances aren't so good, but I don't see why they wouldn't allow TA fans to get tickets for arenas because if I were the team I would want the shows to be sold out.

As for the letter, I honestly think that the staff will not allow anything to be given to ayu, at best they will take your letter to seem polite but they will just put it in the trash afterwards. I might be wrong though but i don't think you can give her anything at the venue. If you want to write her something there is this section on the TA website where you can write ayu a message and hope that she reads it.

KarenPang 31st January 2019 09:16 AM

I know some artistes will put boxes outside the concert venue where fans can drop items such as letters , gifts for the artiste themself or for their backup musicians or dancers

I don't think it applies to Ayu though but I could be wrong about it :confused

yabieru 1st February 2019 02:40 AM

Yeah. In Ayu's concerts there are boxes to leave presents to her or to the band/dancers (I don't remember but there was 2 boxes) so you could leave your letter there :)

attractive nausea 1st February 2019 05:00 AM

^ Lol seriously i haven't noticed it! Was it at the TA booth?

KarenPang 1st February 2019 08:07 AM

The boxes look something like this :



In this case it was baskets for solo & group collective x)


So Ayu's case probably be something similar as well

yabieru 1st February 2019 09:51 PM

^ Yes. I think Ayu's boxes look more or less like the last ones


Originally Posted by attractive nausea (Post 3294824)
^ Lol seriously i haven't noticed it! Was it at the TA booth?

Nope, it was an the entrance but as KarenPang showed it's only a couple of boxes with a piece of paper, so you can easily not see it if you don't pay attention with all the excitement for, you know, being there lol

pedronekoi 4th February 2019 12:39 PM

Either way, I don't think she opens every single letter/gift that the fans give to her. :(

Aderianu 4th February 2019 04:31 PM

^ I believe that's job of her managers at least. Just because of safety

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