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js_surrealism 18th August 2018 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by summerain (Post 3282568)
When you have some free time, please put a good headset, listen to the last demo Ayu released and then play aeternal. The difference of sound quality between the demo and the final version is astounding!

not too sure about this but i suspect this might be because the finished song, which is meant to be sold to the public, is usually of a better quality than a demo, which is just used to give a rough idea of what the song might sound like.

Lilly 27th August 2018 01:46 PM

All the acapellas are now on Spotify

EndOfTheWorld 8th September 2018 05:46 AM

I keep forgetting to share this here.:tipsy

Itíll take more than Ayumi Hamasaki to help streaming services in Japan

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