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toniayu 3rd September 2010 04:03 PM

Font with A ayu logo?
hello,someone have the font with the oficial A ayu logo for mac?
thank you =^__^=

Ayu-roBeat 13 3rd September 2010 10:59 PM

There's another thread like this somewhere around here but I forgot where I found it...I have two of them but I didn't make them. Do you want me to upload them to mediafire anyway?

Alifay 4th September 2010 03:46 AM

I am looking for the very same thing! I'd love it if anyone can upload the font, also for mac <3

Picaflor 7/4 4th September 2010 03:53 AM

Whatever font it is, it must be fan made. Or just a standard font with the "A" symbol included into it. as far as I know, ayu's A is just a hand crafted image. They never did make a font for it. Whatever the font would look like though, it would have to be similar to her A and H symbols.

Ayu-roBeat 13 4th September 2010 05:17 AM

I have them both on mediafire but for some reason it uploaded them as an image (even though the file itself is a .ttf which is a font) =/ You can try downloading it and see what happens but sorry if it doesn't work out, I don't know how else to share it. Again, I did not make either of these.

ayu font #1

ayu font #2

Yes they are both for mac although wouldn't fonts work with any computer?

toniayu 4th September 2010 08:09 AM


and thanks to all ^^

Ayu-roBeat 13 5th September 2010 01:30 AM

No problem! I was looking for these too for a while.


~StarCatcher~ 12th May 2019 10:47 AM

Very old thread here, but I am currently looking through all the caps etc. in my iTunes library.
The links are sadly broken, but can anyone provide the A logo as a font so that I can copy it to my Ayumi discography in iTunes on my Mac?

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