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Ayu_lover 30th July 2018 06:58 PM

Ordering TROUBLE Box Sets From mu-mo
I'm really wanting to order one of the deluxe editions of TROUBLE from mu-mo, but I've never utilized the forwarding service or anything like that before. Have any of you done that before? Is it overly complicated?

Hopefully this is the correct place for this questions...

rainbow_smile 30th July 2018 09:18 PM

I personally find it very easy, so imo money is the only issue. You basically just register an account on tenso, they give you a Japanese address, then when you order on mu-mo you just put that address during the checkout. When your package arrives, tenso emails you, then you pay for shipping to your home country and they send it to you.

AJFmzk 31st July 2018 02:54 AM

^ As above. Tenso is very easy to use, you just have to factor in the extra money. I've been using them for years with no problems, and it's even gotten easier to sign up for an account since I made mine. Tenso also has instructions exactly how to use the address for shopping online and in several languages. I bought several things using Tenso, such as Amuro Namie fanspace stuff and now the Trouble box set from Mu-Mo with no trouble (except whenI tried to order from Mu-Mo on my phone). I have not had any problems at all getting my stuff when I placed the orders using my Tenso address from a regular computer. Hope that helps!

EndOfTheWorld 31st July 2018 04:04 AM

I just started using a middle man service called ZenMarket and I like it a lot. It charges 300 yen instead of tenso's 500 yen. I find it pretty easy to use and the site gives a good amount of information on how to do everything.

KarenPang 31st July 2018 04:23 AM

You can use this 1 man middleman service to request him to help you order the TROUBLE box set via mu-mo


His name is Kairai and he's based in Sapporo . He's a friend of mine & I've been using his services (mainly for fanclub related stuff) for years

Kairai offers a wide variety of different shipping options and he can help you to get stuff from online web shops , auctions & even help you to ballot tickets for concerts (should you wish to go Japan & see anyone perform in the near future)

For a Japanese , Kairai's written English is not bad but if you can communicate with him using Japanese , that's even better

Slight downside is that Kairai's commission charges are quite high cos he's not based in Tokyo but he does everything by himself & he doesn't rely on other people to help him

I've known Kairai for years so I know he's trusted and reliable

Should you wish to contact Kairai , you can just let him know that I'm the 1 that recommend him to you , he knows me

Ayu_lover 3rd August 2018 04:36 PM

Thank you for all the insights! I really appreciate it!

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