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Thanks, Tomoyo~

Quick translation:

Theres no attack that can hurt me
Fights, yes, are a message to you
I have a home to protect with the people I love
If its for their sake, Id even wield a sword

I learned Im not alone
I learned I have strong bonds
If nows not the time, hey, then when is?

Yes, we are the queens
If we go down, we should simply rise again
Yes, we are the queens
Say, "If it crumbles, we should simply build it again"

We have a powerful dragon on our side
With a smile to victory

Raise your fist unwaveringly
Hold it up high, high
Proudly, come on, lets start running

Yes, we are the queens
If we fail, we should simply try again
Yes, we are the queens
Say, "Well build a castle just for us"

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