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Originally Posted by I♥Kuu4ever View Post
Oh, so is it Bash I♥Kuu4ever time now?
No one is bashing you, just exactly where were you bashed? A fact was stated: you don't post here, so why do you want to make it?

Obviously you wanted to make the new thread just for the sake of I♥Kuu4ever to be the one to have made it, no one was making fun of/bashing you ( ).

Originally Posted by Beauty4123 View Post
don't get defensive. just give some other people a chance to make a thread or something. i honestly don't see what the big deal is

ON TOPIC: I can't wait for the new calendar pics~! And the covers for the new Best I wonder what it will look like.... I just don't want another cover where she's not there like AI am BEST ( ).
un asterisco
en la palma de mi mano,
una acotacion
de tu puņo y letra