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Originally Posted by guilty_me View Post

I agree their not her best ballads, but I think it's pretty obvious why she's using them.

I think she's like experiencing some kind of unrequited love, and those lyrics are the best way to express what she's feeling:

For My Dear...

"Maybe I'm singing this song because
I can't say the words I want to say the most."

"Maybe I've come to like this person because
I can't hear the words I want to hear the most."


"Though I know very well
A miracle will never happen"


"I've known for a long time that you have someone precious [...]
I expect nothing special from you
Can I stay loving you forever
Just like this?"

Curtain call

"Even now, I can't say well
The only word
That I want to say most"

I like it, because they kinda express the same feelings,and they're like connected.

Am i making sense XD?
When you put it that way, it does make a lot of sense!