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Didn't know they had less cameras for the first day, makes sense then. Thanks for the answers

Originally Posted by AJFmzk View Post
They could run into audio/video sync issues when she talks during the songs, if she cuts off a word a bit early and such. Sure, they could just use a shot of the crowd or dancer to mask it but it becomes obvious if it's done every time. I think what they did for Duty (AWA version) is they used most of the 07 audio and then spliced in a piece from 06 to fix the mistake. They'll probably have to do that for a few songs, especially Startin'. I almost prefer they leave the lyrics mistakes in because it shows the real Final show, but I get why it's edited for perfection.
True, I think we could get a good result if they did what you described.
We will get an idea of the editing in the rebroadcast so that'll be interesting.

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