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I'm finally back from my trip, haha I'll add a bit about the heckler from 02/06. It is the same one SKYia mentioned!

There was this Gyaru-styled girl that was dressed in a hot pink tracksuit with Ko's picture on the back and his name down her sleeves. When the dancers were performing after the "Timmy's Stick" routine she started screaming "KO-YAAAAAAAAAAAH I CAN SEE YOU!" in a really deep boomy voice. The dancers didn't react and she kinda quit it until the MC part.

When the raffle takes place there is a skit repeated each time with 1 or 2 of the dancers holding up the acrylic heart and they pretend to kiss it before Ayu does. Ko happened to be one of the Dancer MCs and this girl went totally ballistic for him.

It started out kinda funny, she's shouting stuff like "You're the handsomest in the world!", "I can see you! I love you best!" and (my personal favourite) "RETTSU KAKKOII!!!".

I'm nowhere near fluent to know everything, but it was all typical obsessed fan stuff. She was in the 8th row though, near the centre of the row so they were trying to just laugh it off for a bit. Ko did a little thumbs up and said thanks to her for her support but she kept going and going and started trying to talk to him directly in the MC.

It started to get a little long in the tooth and made the audience feeling a bit awkward as she kept going but she was just more and more excited after she got a little acknowledgement.

The cameraman zoomed in on her when Ayu came on stage in a probable attempt to shame her into being quiet again (how very Japanese lmao) but it completely boosted her confidence if it was even possible. She was just calling out over everything to talk to Ko and Ayu turns around to her and asked her if she was her fan or Ko's. The girl holds up her bag and it has a bootleg Ayupan strap on it and she goes "I love you too!" and Ayu lost it laughing at this Gyaru chick waving her (official tour) backpack around like madman.

There was a little back and forth, Ayu said something about thanking her for being a fan and after that the girl quietened down for most of the rest of the concert. She might have asked her to stop disrupting the exchange but I don't really know enough about what was said so IDK.

When Ayu went to do her kiss on the heart the girl shouted out "I CAN SEE YOU" which was pretty damn funny. They had a third dancer, Iseki, come on stage to break up the MC and allow the show to move on. Iseki also did the false kiss "prank" but pretended to lick the heart, then gave a weird bottom lip only mark on the heart. Ayu said she should kiss it again and properly but Iseki said it was better the way it was.

Can't get too mad at the situation even if it got awkward. Tracksuit girl did extend the concert length by about 20 mins overall so it was more time with Ayu lolllll

Some Japanese attendees went up to her after the concert and seemed to be giving her support and congratulating her for her interaction. She took off before I could approach her though.

I can't remember if I forgot to mention that self-made fan goods were just fine to take to both Nagoya and Kobe so if anyone is going to the last dates you should definitely try to arrange a message on a card or fan to hold up in the concert. I'm pretty sure Ayu saw the message from my fan........and I'm too lazy to scroll back to check now soooooo

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