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My interpretation for this bit:

“It would be nice were those memories with you to go and disappear...
Why is it that I still have never thought such a thing.
Only time moves on, overtaking the two of us.”

I’ve studied Japanese 4 years but the second sentence is still a bit unclear. I take なんて as referring to the former sentence, 思ったこと as “having thought” 何でなの as why (this the confusing bit because for me to confidently interpret it as why it shoulda be なんで not 何で and then the なの is confusing because it’s not clear if の is being used as a modifier of 一度 which doesn’t make sense to me, or if it I should the ending of a sentence), and 一度もない “not even one time”, まま “still (having yet to move beyond that state)”.

But it would make more sense if it were written like this:

So that 何でなの is the interjection of a question.

Alternatively, remove the poetic structure and it could be written:

なんて思ったことは一度もないまま。(それは) なんでなの (だろうか((な))?

Given this interpretation, it conveys that time is the only thing moving forwardーayu herself has yet to begin to heal and break free of the sorrow.

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