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Originally Posted by Hatix View Post
Well, I'm back from Tokyo a week now, finally getting into my normal rhythm after a short week.
I should start with saying welcome back .

Well, I think I found another reseller shop as I walked past it (I didn't went to check afterwards). It's actually very conveniently located if you go by plane to Tokyo. If you're coming to Tokyo/Japan through Narita Airport, you will most probably take the Keisei Skyliner or Keisei Limited Express and arive at Ueno Keisei Station (not the normal Ueno Station which is about 200m further). If you leave through the main entrance of Ueno Keisei station, cross the street (Chuo Dori), and then a little further (about 200m) in the direction of Akihabara, you'll find the reseller shop (ground floor). I think it was a reseller shop, or at least it had a lot of artist stuff and advertising for concerts.
About this reseller store, I also found one in Ueno and I have pointed out its location in google maps in the tutorial thread, would you mind checking if that one is the same? If it isn't the same, would you mind me adding this information to the tutorial?

I also went to check out that other reseller shop on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. It's not a very big shop, and about 90% of the shop is filled with photographs and some merchandise of artists. But close to the counter, there's a display with tickets. I forgot to take some pictures though.
How many displays they have with tickets probably varies based on how many tours is going on, when I was there the entire store was filled up with tickets wherever you looked. The Ayu ones was right at the entrance.

Anyway, had a great time in Tokyo (spent quite some time in Akihabara though :p ), and as a loyal ayu-fan, I went to have a look at the Tokyo Dome & Yoyogi National Gymnasium :p
Akihabara is awesome, I never went to look at Tokyo Dome when I was there, which I regret ().
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