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Originally Posted by AJFmzk View Post
it seems like with the basic plan you can watch any video after the broadcast ended
If you're a premium member you can rewatch any program after its broadcast out of those programs which are available for a rewatch. Free users can rewatch only those finished broadcasts which are marked as free out of those programs which are available for a rewatch.
Originally Posted by AJFmzk View Post
None of the channels are restricted to paid only, but I think you can watch live broadcast only with the premium plan. Also they mention you can download videos from the website. I'm not 100% sure as it's a bit confusing, but this is what I understand based on the above links
All of their channels are live broadcasts and you can select and watch any of those channels streams for free (with Japanese proxy if you're not in Japan). Since they state there are no paid channels, there shouldn't be any restrictions with "AbemaDELUXE" channel's live stream where Ayu's show is gonna be broadcast either. As far as I understand it's called deluxe not because it's a premium channel, but because it's channel that pops up only on a special occasions.
As for downloading videos, it's only for premium users and mostly to save traffic of smartphones and tablets by downloading in wi-fi area. It seems that the videos are protected, decrypted and have an expiration date anyway, so it's not like you can really save them for yourself or copy and share unfortunately.
Well, we'll find out for sure tomorrow :-)

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