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Not necessarily. Anyone who has an overseas ayu-mi-x II CD as well as a japan version can tell you that.

Japan version:
-Glossy finish inside insert (that means shiny & smooth)
-No obi (spine card)
-Centered image of 3 ayus on back
-Flawless sound quality
-Limited edition has sparkle jewel case, clear tray insert, and picture card
-Normal edition does not have a picture card, has plain jewel case, and opaque tray insert

Overseas Version (mine are the Taiwan "What's Music" distribution versions):
-matte finish inside insert (that means dull & kind of rough)
-Obi with chinese title, stock number, tracklist, and chinese copyright info
-Image of three ayus on the back is off-center (to make room for the back of the obi on the side)
-Slight hiss heard in background if played loud
-"Limited" edition has the same qualities as the japanese version, but is not as limited
-"Normal" edition also includes a picture card, whereas the japanese normal edition does not.
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