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OMG! Just 6 entry...

Hopefully next will be Karaoke tournament that hopefully more people will join.

Going to listen the remix now.

Entry 01 - Moments -remix- : I don't hear any vocal...am I the only one that don't hear it?
Entry 02 - Endless sorrow -remix- : I feel that some part are too repetitive..not bad remix though
Entry 03 - poker face-remix- : I like the remix and my fav part is the instrumentation of the Poker Face intro
Entry 04 - Dearest -remix- : Good remix...not really stand out to me
Entry 05 - Merry-go-round -remix- : Just OK
Entry 06 - YOU -remix- : I wish the quality are high...the arrangement is pretty and made me remember RPG backsong if we are in town or city area. NICE...but the quality made it not clear.

My vote goes to Entry 03 Good luck.

Ayumi Hamasaki...Queen of my life...

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