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Originally Posted by oji-i-san View Post
And before writing my interpretation, I'd like to point out what I believe: Women sometimes/usually act as if they are interested in a guy himself and in a story told by a guy when she talks with a guy in a restaurant, club, etc.

This is a kind of etiquette/manner, I think. People should show an interest when they talk with other people, don't they?

In the case of women and men, following this etiquette/manner, women might show a little coquettish glance (in order to act as if she's interested in the guy himself) and nod at the guy (in order to act as if she's interested in the story told by the guy) when they are talking.

Is it OK so far??
I understand what you mean.

But, I think it's not necessary for a woman to be coquettish in such a case. If she pretend to have some interest in the talking, that's OK.
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