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Originally Posted by Marcelo View Post
Hamasaki Ayumi show should be a well rounded body of work as a whole, given her name and magnitude

That said, it still sounded like I would enjoy the show myself, granted I've only been to CdM tour. But I'm interested to know what were the things that people didn't like. Someone said it not being as fun as some of the past ones, in what way ? Also what I read about someone attending the first time and feeling kinda "it was okay, but...", sounds so sad to me In this case, first time should always be amazing!

I kinda feel like personally, given to how "big" she was in the past, and her meaning in my life, it's always kinda disappointing in a way to hear she doesn't live up to that anymore. I feel that's an issue many of people here have as well. And I'm not talking about her sales wise, just the overall aura of how well things are executed and managed. And you can make well rounded work with a cheap budget as well, so it shouldn't be about that, in my opinion.
When i said fun that is mostly referred to the choice of songs. I love her ballads, but this show simply lacked the stuff that gets you hyped up. Like her summer or more upbeat songs. There were like 4 while last year during chapter 1 for instance there were a lot more jumpy rock songs that get your blood pumping. She shines brightest during her staple songs and I expected more of the 20th anniversary. Been to 5 of her tours and this is by far the least intersting show of hers I have seen.

Also, usually, Timmy doesn’t irritate me, but this time he was beyond lame. I understand it’s what she wants from him, but it’s just not cool.

This is JTB Chapter 4 nothing else.

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