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Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
When i said fun that is mostly referred to the choice of songs. I love her ballads, but this show simply lacked the stuff that gets you hyped up. Like her summer or more upbeat songs. There were like 4 while last year during chapter 1 for instance there were a lot more jumpy rock songs that get your blood pumping. She shines brightest during her staple songs and I expected more of the 20th anniversary. Been to 5 of her tours and this is by far the least intersting show of hers I have seen.

Also, usually, Timmy doesnít irritate me, but this time he was beyond lame. I understand itís what she wants from him, but itís just not cool.

This is JTB Chapter 4 nothing else.

This is my least favourite tour too. I donít see effort.
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