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Originally Posted by Iyreen View Post
is it possible if they refund by paypal so I can purchase it at other place? Its not fair for me if they keep it as YA balance when there is nothing that I can purchase there, sumore I need that money to purchase the album else where!

Damn, I wont use YA anymore after this.
well..you could try.

but my friend has 2 worse incidents, with 2 lost mails(after waiting for 1 month), and both are sold out items(15 AT08 ayupans and the other was the NL tour hairband), so YA cannot reship them and have to refund her.
but my friend is already so dissappointed that she don't want to use YA again, so she email them at least 3 times for a refund to her paypal account instead, but YA refuse to do to so and it's refund to her YA credit balance.

so, i end up asking her to order for me and pay her the money, so that she can used up the money in her YA balance....

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