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Originally Posted by mirrorcleworld View Post
Any opinions on HMV HK?
I've used HMV HK to buy several CD's, so I can share my experience to you:

- They don't indicate whether or not a CD is first press or not, so you don't know if you got the first press or not until the CD comes. The best chance to get a first press is when the CD first becomes released, so if you want first press, it is best to buy during the initial release date period. Sometimes if you are lucky, you might get a first press when the CD has been released for some time. It's hard to say, cus it depends on how many first press they still have available in their physical store.

- They fold posters, and at times, there are promotions that come with free posters. For example, they were offering Namie's Past < Future poster if you pre-ordered the album, back when it was released.

- If your CD case comes cracked, you can tell them about it, and they can give you free blank cd cases to compensate. They don't have those 2 disc CD cases, so if for example, you bought a CD+DVD (2 discs), and it is cracked, they will send you 2 cd cases.

- After awhile, CD prices tend to rise. I don't know why. I bought Namie's Past < Future back when it was released for $99 HK, and now the price is $150. So, to get the lower price, it's best to buy when the CD is first released. They occassionaly do have cd sales and clearances though, so you might want to check that out on their website.

I buy my overseas version cd's from HMV HK, and the selection and variety is great. I highly recommend it if you want overseas version of CD's.

If you have any other questions or enquiries, let me know.
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