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Originally Posted by Amalgam View Post
And what would this be? The things that his BOSS tells him to do? Because friend of Ayuís or not, heís still an employee and she dictates what he can and canít do.
I donít even like Timmy but as Earth_maiden said, people tend to act like Timmy is eroding the morality from Ayuís shows when itís apparent that everything that has/does/will happen is due to Ayuís choices.
I don't care who is the mastermind, even if it is ayu, I don't like it, and I think it is a very bad taste. And since his whole character is based on an oversexualized homosexual, I don't think it is misplaced when someone dares to say he might have sex with an audience member, since his image is all about it.

And to answer your question ''What would that be'', there are many examples we know, one of the worst I can recall is when I was at the concert last year, during boys and girls, he was putting the balls they throw in the audience in his brief. This is bad taste, especially when there are children in the audience.