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What is an "ayupan"?
ayupan are the little plastic figurines that are based on Ayumi and are detailed with designs that match outfits she has worn in the past (usually from her tours or photoshoots). It is said that the "pan" in the name comes from Ayumi thinking they look like pandas. The average price of an ayupan is 500 yen (differs depending on when they were sold, where they were sold, and how detailed they are). They gained so much popularity that it spawned a line of ayupan-related goods (plushies, stickers, keychains, etc.) and for a time, there were even ayupan shops. There was even a short series of CG ayupan cartoons.

What is 'ayu ready?'
Official ayu ready? HP
ayu ready? REAL MUSIC REPUBLIC was a music program that Ayumi hosted, which aired from October 12, 2002 through March 20, 2004. It was a half hour program on Saturdays starting at 11:30pm. Most of the guests were also musicians and at the end of the show, Ayu would sing a song (sometimes with the guest).

Who is Max?
Masato "Max" Matsuura is Ayumi's producer and the man who "discovered" her. He is a high-powered producer for other Avex artists as well. He is often seen with Ayumi and greatly helped her career early on. Ayu seems to have great affection and respect for him judging by her comments on him. Max's Blog

Who is Bancho?
Kanako "Bancho" Miura is Ayumi's nail artist. Anytime you see Ayumi's nails, it is the work of Bancho. Official Site

Who is Mika/John?
Mika "John" Noguchi is the President of a popular lingerie line in Japan, Peach John. She is Ayumi's friend and is often seen in Ayu's pics. As a joke, Ayumi has called Mika her "Mother" because she is like a stage mom, drawing confusion amongst non-Japanese fans.

What are the names of her dogs?
On the Feb. 28, 2007 episode of 'Hanamaru Cafe,' Ayumi stated that she has 5 dogs. They are named after foods/desserts and are Marron (the only mini dachshund), Crea, Choco, Vanilla, and Purin. Marron in French means chestnut and Purin is a Japanese custard or pudding. Crea is the dog that Ayumi took her penname from.

[addendum]Popteen February 06. Here is what she has to say about her dogs:
* The white Yorkshire Terrier is her first dog. It's name was Lily (deceased).
* The first dog she got and named was Ringo, a Yorkie (deceased). Her mom named it Ichigo originally it seems but Ayu changed it back to Ringo.
* There was Melon, a black Chihuahua. She named it after an expensive fruit. (deceased)
* Then Crea, which she says was named after the Honda commercial she did for the Giorno Crea!
* Then she got Marron.
* Then she got both Purin and Vanilla at the same time.
* Lastly, she got Choco, a black Chihuahua.
* She says if she were to get another dog, she might name it Cookie in the vein of names after sweet foods.

At the time of publication, she states she has 5 living dogs.

As of September 15, 2007, Ayumi stated on Countdown Japan Radio that she has 6 dogs (no names were mentioned).

In the January 2008 issue of Deji Deji Diary, Ayumi revealed the name of her new miniature Yorkie, Cocoa.

Where was Ayumi when she stayed in Hong Kong? And where did she shoot the covers for "glitter/fated"?
She stayed at the Presidential Suite at the InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong. The cost is approximately $11,000 USD a night.

Where was Dearest filmed?
"Dearest" was filmed in California. The scenes with the windmills are specifically on a windmill farm in Palm Springs, CA.

Where was fairyland filmed?
The PV was filmed in O'ahu, Hawaii. The waterfall scene, specifically, was at Waimea Falls. The PV reportedly cost 240,000,000 yen to make. Part of the cost undoubtedly went into building the hut that was specifically made to be burnt down later.

Where were Bold & Delicious and Pride filmed?
These were filmed at the same time in uptown Manhattan, New York. It's filmed underneath the Riverside Drive/12th Avenue Bridge, at W134th/W133rd street, looking south. (thanks to zoomzoom)

Where was BLUE BIRD filmed?
"BLUE BIRD" was filmed on an island in Guam.

Where was Beautiful Fighters filmed?
Though it had a very American feel to it, the "Beautiful Fighters" PV was filmed on a stage in Japan. (confirmed in Getsurei the Television, August 2006 issue)

Where was Talkin' 2 Myself filmed?
It was filmed on location in Fukushima.

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