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Originally Posted by maikaru View Post
Also, I don't think "Hajimemashite" is how do you do...
I think it's "Get going." "Just start it."
How do you do really doesn't make sense,
Because first she says "even though our destinations might be the same"
and she keeps talking about how boys are so tiresome, so why would she suddenly say such a thing?

日本語で説明すると、「はじめまして」って「How do you do」っておかしくない?この場合だったら?この曲は「男に疲れた」とか「男は邪魔」の意味があっ て、
でそういうことについて歌い続けたんだけど、最後に、「はじめまして」って「How do you do」って絶対おかしい。つまり、「How do you do」より「はじめよう」っていう感じがある気がする。
The official lyrics have come out, and I'm convinced of my interpretation even more.

初めましてよ 坊や達

Even if our destinations are the same
Say to us, "How do you do?", boys

She is saying that she and they don't know each other, though it's not true actually. She wants to behave as if she didn't know them, because she dislike them. In Japanese, it's like "私達他人よ". (I don't know how to say this in English.)
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