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Originally Posted by truehappiness View Post
It's a "count down" to the end, I suppose.

I heard a lot of beep beep beeps like from when alarms go off due to countdowns ending during the song.

It's not to deafness since her other ear is fine, but just... I suppose the end of her career a la Duty?
The beeps could also allude to the sounds heard in hearing tests. Those sounds? THEY STAY WITH YOU FOREVER (I should know, I've been taking at least 2 of those tests a year for a little over 13 years now--yay being deaf in my right ear /no lie)

Well, she could also be alluding to eventually going completely deaf, which is a strong possibility. As a singer, it'd be damn near impossible to continue as such if completely deaf. So when she loses her hearing, she loses her singing career?

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