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The song is fantastic. As well as "Virgin Road".

I LOVE this song. Number one, it is so different from her other stuff, musically. So even without understanding a significant amount of Japanese, it stole my attention immediately when I played it for the first time.
But, not only that, now after reading along with these lyrics (constantly switching between following the Japanese and reading the English translation), I've gotten such an even deeper connection to the song.

I absolutely love the way she sings this part:
Originally Posted by masa
** Mune o hare nai ushirometai
Sonna koi mo atta
Hashaida yoru kodoku na asa
Kurikaeshite ita
as well as...

Originally Posted by masa
**** Tatta hitotsu saigo no hitotsu
Sonna ai ga aru
Shinjiru yoru kanaeru asa
Tenshi ga waratta
If I recall correctly, she never really sings like this, in this quiet and deep/creepy-like tone, in many of her previous songs over the last ten years, if any at all, until now.

Not only that, but then she repeats it in a more audible tone.

I love the way she repeats all the really cool parts of the song (besides the awesome intro) in a louder, different tone throughout the song.

This song also is one of the few songs of hers where the instrumental/karaoke version of the song is awesome enough to be a song by itself! (Another, in my opinion, would be "WHATEVER" from long ago).

Anyway, my point is, this song is great. As well as "Virgin Road". I could do without "Sweet Season" or whatever though.

Thank you Masa, as always!!
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