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Originally Posted by Machiko View Post
^ I keep hearing that "aishteru" is used actually more like... once in a life time with your partner, if ever, so in that way it's far far more serious than just "I love you" with a romantic partner.
Idk my Japanese boyfriend said it to me twice already and we just officially started dating a week ago. Lol. But we’ve been hanging out for like 7 weeks or so already.

Idk all that shit I heard Japanese don’t say or do much seemed like just that, a bunch of shit, after I came to Japan. The other thing is 好き “Suki” is supposed so be like a kind of confession and this dude said it to me after we had been hanging for two weeks. Had me investigating how serious it actually was on google and crap lol and they still tried to sell it as a kind of confession.

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