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Originally Posted by tokyoxjapanxfan View Post
So I found a correction

Yonaka miteita Hitorikiri miteita

should be:


Lol I'm still holding out for my album so I can't proof-read the roomaji. Thanks for letting me know, I'll edit my first post. ^^

Originally Posted by rikku411 View Post
^ I was just about to say that after listening to the first verse hehe


Maegami yurashite Kuraku kage tsukutta

should be kurai

Also there's a difference in the song around this part:

Tori no you ni jiyuu ni sora wo habataketa... nara
Sono tsubasa wo dochiramo anata ... ni agetai

I just don't know exactly what she says.

Thanks for spotting this!! I've changed it too, but it's weird because the kanji definitely reads kuraku for this part...

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