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Originally Posted by surrealA View Post
@gunner from past experience of Ayu hall tour, usually the goods will be on sale after lunch time at the lobby inside the venue (they will inform the time in advance). The queue wont be long. And they do accept credit card

The overseas fan tickets can be picked up at the TA booth. Make sure to come abit early as they usually close the lobby before opening it again 1 hour before show. Im not sure how people without ticket can get in if they have not pick up their ticket by that time.
Thanks! Good to know I was on the money with ticket pick ups.
My AirBnB is only a 20 minute walk away from the Hall, so I'll likely head in quite early, then take a stroll after picking up my ticket and goods, maybe take in an early dinner.

Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
The voucher you get from LivePocket isn’t a ticket. You need to present your TA QR code and a passport to get the tickets.

In terms of what kind of a show you can expect - take a look at the TROUBLE CDL and the 3rd chapter of Just the beginning tour.

You can pay by card.
I'll see if I can look some of those up in the download section or on YouTube.
Just don't tell my wife about the credit card...