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Special wallpaper and stamp campaign

TeamAyu has special exclusives planned for "ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A ~サイゴノトラブル~"!

1. An exclusive concert venue check-in wallpaper will be available on the day of the show!
Use your smartphone to check-in while you're waiting near the venue on the day of the show to download an exclusive wallpaper with the date and venue on it!
To commemorate the concert just go to the main page of the TeamAyu website and click on the special banner to access the check-in page!

[Setup Guide]
1. Turn the GPS settings on for your smartphone device. Check below for more details.
2. When you get within a 500m radius of the venue, click the banner at the top of the TeamAyu home page that says "Venue Check-in Wallpaper", and then click the "Check-in" button at the bottom of the page.
*The banner of “Live venue CHECK IN wallpaper” is displayed only between 00:00 and 23:59 on the day of the performance.
3. Download the commemorative image with the concert date on it, and then save the image to your device.
*Location info is needed in order to access this content, so make sure that your device's GPS function is turned on.

*This content requires location data specifically in order to be accessed, so personal information is not required from users.
*If your device does not have GPS functionality then you will not be able to check in.
*Check-in will be available on the day of each concert from 12:00am to 11:59pm.
*You can only check in once at each concert. Please don't forget to download it.
*Anyone attending the concert without a member number will not be able to access it.

2. An original stamp with the date on it will be available at the TeamAyu booth! TeamAyu members will also receive a stamp collector sheet!
The TeamAyu booth at the concert venue will have stamps available to mark the date of the show!
Feel free to bring your tickets or personal notebooks over to receive a commemorative stamp at the venue!
(Stamps are also available for attendees without a TeamAyu membership)

Also, TeamAyu members can get a stamp collector sheet for this tour at the TeamAyu booth!
Show your digital membership certificate at the TeamAyu booth to receive one.
Once the tour is over we have plans to let you use your stamp collector sheet to enter for bonus gifts!
During this planned promotional campaign the more stamps you have the better your chances will be!
We look forward to seeing you at the fan club booth at each venue!

*Only one of these stamp collector sheets will be given to each member at the concert venue's fan club booth.
*We cannot guarantee your stamp collector sheet if it is lost or damaged. Thank you for your understanding.

I feel like a little kid but I’m really excited to get the stamp, lol