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Originally Posted by Katsuyuki012 View Post
I used short (but more than 30 seconds too) clips of ayu's songs from TROUBLE and MIJ for the previews I made and they got licensed by avex. It means that you can keep them and everybody can still watch the video but you can't earn money with the video. Instead of that, they can.

With full songs I have less experience, but with some album tracks (e.g. Heartplace), nothing happens except for the video being blocked in Japan.

With live videos/audios (usually full ones as videos featuring short clips are still there but not 100% sure) they often get removed. At least most of them. Last year they deleted A LOT but some are still there. Hope that helps you!

I believe I have less than 1000 subs and I can't make money tho. Thanks a lot! I have to rethink about this
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