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Originally Posted by *Petit* View Post
Some.. day ... my prince will come...
I love MIKA NAKASHIMA. But if you're looking for a good laugh, just listen to her cover of "What A Wonderful World". Or, as most of us know it, "What A Wandafu Wool".

Still. IMO it beats the terribleness of "All Hands Together", which was not only a bad song, but came months and months after the disaster that she recorded the single to donate for.

Everything else in her discography is audio gold. And that's honestly a huge part of why those two songs are so bad. For such a talented and iconic model and idol from the 00s, those two songs sound nothing like the rest of her discography. It's almost like she too has a little sister that performs cover versions of her songs that make Silent Hill look like a great family vacation.

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