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Originally Posted by Evan Odinson View Post
Hey guys, just made a wallpaper with the kimono picture (phone and desktop size available) I hope you like them and please feel free to use!


For better quality (and both sizes) here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...CLEEoGGIGhI49B
That's really pretty! I love the meme one as well

I'm reading the comments from the Baidu post from a couple of pages back. It's just google translate but seems the cfans are excited about it. it's not perfect translations but some of the comments seem interesting

- I really want this to be part of Me's sequel

- The beauty is always kept for the inside pages

- 2nd image looks like she lost a tooth

- (ayu's) version of Japonesque
-- who stipulated that orian stle was only used by Koda?

- Damn, so foreign

- beautiful as expected, I cherish these active singers

- so cute, still looking good after 40

- ayu's aura is not for casuals

- part of Me 2.0, let's continue the "Tragic Princess" costume drama

- everyone talks about other artists in Ayu's posts but no-one mentions Ayu in other artists posts. The phenomenon is really indescribable.

- anyone think this is an MV for theme of a-nation '03?
-- if it is, we must buy it many times over

- OK it's worth buying

- I hope that it's a PV of theme of a-nation '03 as the style and artistic conception is in line with her current values and can be a match with POM: "There were things I lost on the way to becoming an adult,
but now I have someone irreplaceable
The passing wind was somehow gentle
This time tomorrow too I'll love you"
-- she lost a lot but got 2 children
-- being a mother and singing this song is really appropriate although perhaps when she wrote the lyrics the meaning was different to her

- Don't forget that this is a pregnant woman who will give birth soon. It's not bad to be able to do so many things. She became pregnant a second time in 2 years but has worked harder and been more active than before that time.

People are betting on it being for theme of a-nation '03 and most of the comments were positive aside from a few deriding her for her pregnancies and the nutter who was complaining that Japan stole the hanbok from Korea but they also stole it from China first

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