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Originally Posted by kalikagai View Post
Just finished watching. And finally I can take a breath, cause this left me totally BREATHLESS-SPEECHLESS - I watched it in one go.

I love just everything - flawless vocals (!!!), astonishing orchestral rearrangements, beautiful visuals, refreshing setlist. This tour turned out to be not about props, discomegadrive and pop-show entertainment, and I find it ultimately inspiring. What an unexpectedly charming, elegant and gorgeous celebration of 20 years...

And after 20 years of music creation and ultra-heavy performing (ayu's fans are the most spoiled fans in the world, no doubt) she still SLAYS. Ayu NAILED it.

It might seem stupid and childish for a 30 y.o. man (it definitely is), but during these moments I'm sooo proud to be her fan!

P.S. I need blu-r, I need flac of the live, cause every single song shall be downloaded on my music player NOW!
you speak my mind!!! I lost my words really!

and for me this show really speaks THAT Power of Music, yea maybe she didnt have like the full orchestra members there, but all the time we only get Ayu, Ayu and music, I loooove all the arrangements!

omg cant get enough that Mad World/ Ever Free performance!! during Mad World where runs towards Yo chan ( I love the angle of the back cam here) then she changed a bit the key for "kono jidai wo dou ikiru" gosh that jrock side of herrr,

Ever Free arrangement especially towards the end!!! the lighting job works really well here <333333

Brillante, I feel like screaming "wakanda foreverrr" loool but really she looked gorgeous and loved the feel, better than PoM 2011

Season <3333 HBYA <333 the dress and the tiara, also I would love to see her in that dress of HBYA PV too!

Next Level new arrangement, love it, fun , brilliant, she danced a bit during the chorus

then Surreal full version!! Love it after so long didnt hear this song in full version live.

so yeah bluray asap pleaseee

ps: still cant move with real me at TA Tour 2016, and now she slayyeeddd with PoM 2018 lol
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