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Originally Posted by Zeke. View Post
I could write a thesis on CAROLS.

I used to think referring to it as a Christmas/Winter song was almost a disgrace. It doesnít have the same kind of apparent atmosphere as say No way to say, momentum or Days, but thatís whatís makes it unique.

It has only the slightest kiss of Winter surrounding it.

Itís very understated. But it conveys everything the song represents.

Winter is approaching, and all the things that it will bring along with it. Itís forward thinking. Anticipating.

Listen to the intro, just before the lyrics you can hear the kiss of Winter glowing within the distance. That small reverb that hasnít made it to the foreground yet, but you know itís there.

Itís always the first Winter song I allow myself to indulge in, when the air begins to cool.

You can also sense it after the first chorus, when she trails off with ď-nai kedoĒ and the bells start to ring at low volume.

Another piece of it, is when the pre-chorus launches, the tone of the song changes, and you can feel the anticipation. WinterーChristmasーis on the horizon. Before long, itíll be here, and along with it, all that warmth you canít help but feel.

A heart that just canít be held back from launching into the CAROLS of that season.

Additionally, Christmas, despite being flashy, extravagant, and ďheightenedĒーwhen it comes right down to it, Christmas is something that comes from within, is it not? The chorus is all about that - sinking into those feelings, the core of your emotion, and how powerful those reverberations areーat least for you.

It ends in the same way, with that kiss of Winterーthe sounds of itーpeaking through from the horizon in the distance.

Although itís not quite hereーstill, it makes its looming presence known. And you begin to look forward to it, and everything you associate it with, once more.
Your interpretation of this song is nice. Thanks for sharing it.
Maybe I don't feel like that because I'm not a Christmas girl at all. I don't feel the anticipation when winter is coming. I just want to hibernate as a bear when the cold is coming XD
That's always nice to hear the feelings and the image that people have when they're listening the same song.
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