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Originally Posted by Αyumi View Post
Hi again!

Thanks to those who cleared up some things for me (truehappiness/Koumori).

Since people have been wondering, I'll let you know that ZeF actually handed me the domain himself. I noticed it expired, and asked him about it.

It's on my account now, and I have no intentions of letting it expire again!

But in short, I only have access to the URL name, and not the actual forum software.
(Which means I cannot fix the avatar issue..)

I don't want to call myself owner. I want to make it clear that I believe the staff and moderators on AHS are what should be considered as owners.

The only reason I haven't handed the domain over, is because I don't actually know anyone enough to decide on where it would be safe from expiring.. I don't want the domain to die again, and if I can prevent it, I will do so. Because seeing how the downtime affected people made me sad.

If I could just take the whole forum and move it to a new server where it would be safe, I really would've done that already. But like I said.. no access, so no fix for now. Hopefully that can be done soon though!

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