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Originally Posted by Calico View Post
"Ivy" is the only title I'm digging. All the others are making me lol. "Sweet scar"?

Thanks for the info.
I actually read it as "Sweet car" at first and I was both amused and confused by it.
These titles surprise me, I didn't expect Ayu to release songs with these kinds of titles (except for maybe "Wake me up"). But I like them. I'm excited to see how the songs sound, "snowy kiss" seems like the winter ballad everyone's been predicting, and "Sweet scar" seems ballad-y too, but "Wake me up" and "Ivy" seem more rock-y/upbeat to me. But it wouldn't be the first time Ayu has deceptive titles...
I'm glad that we have 4 new songs instead of 3 this time.
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