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Lol, I was talking about the whole list and about nobody in paticular.

But now I just take a look at Ayu's number and count the capacity of all those 50 dates of her 3 tours last year together, out of curiosity:
16 for Just the Beginning in 2018
11 for Power of Music
23 for TROUBLE Tour.
I come to 190k, not 231k.
Honestly don't know where the other 40k are coming from?
And even those 190k are with full capacity and we know for sure that Ayu didn't use the full capacity for her Power of Music arena tour last year (like for the Osaka Jo Hall dates 8000 instead of the possible 16k per date).
Taking Ayu as example here as it's the easiest and that's what you all are the most interested in.

That's why I said take it with a grain of salt.
A list with the real stats would probably look a lot different for a lot of artists, for the better or the worse.
The list like it is is horribly inflated.
No bad intention, just pointing out.

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