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From Newsmaker mag, Feb 2003:

---Alright, let's bring the topic back to the album, shall we? This time, CREA composed 3 songs herself. One of them, "Heartplace", is the one which struck me as reflecting all your thoughts about NY.

Before I returned from NY, I talked lots with the American staff who were helping me out with this overseas work. Their ways of thinking are essentially different from my Japanese one, so it was really interesting and we had much to talk about. They used Japanese words whenever they could, and I used English whenever I could, that was what our conversation was like. At that time, we talked about how, no matter which country we're in, being free is the greatest joy that humans can have. We were really hyped up about it, and said things like "Freedom is great, isn't it!" In other words, because we are free, we can do whatever we want. Then I thought, "that is what everyone wishes for, isn't it?" At that point, I remembered that I was in the process of producing "Heartplace", so I decided "Yosh! I'll write about freedom!"
I'm sure she talks about it more in other magazines from that era. Just have to search those out~

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