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Originally Posted by Earth_maiden View Post
Still more than 2. Have you ever seen her live? It's completely different that just watching her on DVD. Like I said, 1LOVE is really fun live and it fit well in this setlist next to W and Lady Dynamite.
I've seen 1 LOVE live 3 times. The first time when I saw this song's performance was JTB Chapter, the choreography changed a bit but second half part of the song still same as CDL 1415/AT15/TA TOUR16. At that time I think it was okay but not quite interested in it. Last year when I attended TROUBLE TOUR, I just felt this song with the same choreography can be kicked out from her concerts. I would be more satisfied if she bring back the dance in AT07.
I won't deny it was fun when I saw the dancers spreading ayu money, which reminded me the MV of 1 LOVE. But I'd prefer other less performed songs like NaNaNa or identity next to Lady Dynamite.

Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
This only looks bad if you disregard that she did not sing it during:
CDL 2015-2016 Made in Tokyo
Arena Tour 2016 Made in Japan
Arena Tour Power of Music 2018

So there’s been a nice gap between each of 1LOVE performances. She has been touring a lot in the recent years.
That's why I use the word “every year”. I agree she should include some must-have songs in her concerts. Indeed I love evolution, SURREAL, Love song and even You& Me. But it shouldn't be 1 LOVE nor WARNING with 99% same choreography and performance which have been recycled every year since 2015. They should be thrown away unless one day she make something new on them.