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1024x768, 28.8k dialup. and the stuff here loads slower than any other forum ive been to....bleh i wish i was rich and lived in the city.....just to give yu all an idea how slow it is,

5mb song-1hr 20min
20mb single - 3hrs 45 min
50mb album - 5 hrs 50 min
100mb whatever it could be - 7 hrs 10 mins
and thats on rapidshare....dont get me started with sendspace...well i type it anywayz....cuz im bored...

5mb song - 2 hrs 40 mins *ridiculous*
20mb single - 5 hrs 10 mins
50mb album - 8 hrs 50 mins
100mb whatever it could be - ugh....13 hrs. 20 mins
anything more - more than 15 hours.....

which explains why i dont like song by song uploads....so this is pretty much my speed...4kbps down/1.4 kbps up

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