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Originally Posted by ren0210989 View Post
how many A4 pages can you make with the 1000 words limit?
3-5 depending on the formatting.

Originally Posted by hikaricore View Post
I found that 1000 words is FAR too limiting to develop any kind of plot in a screenplay. I was barely able to scrape two scenes together.
Do you think they'll be judged with that in mind? The difficulty of writing under such limits?
After considering it some more I have to agree, so we'll lift the limit on the number of words.

But please keep in mind that the title of this contest is "AHS Mini Screenplay Contest", so we aren't looking for a feature length film script. It's better to keep it short because the voters will probably be less likely to read something really long. You can focus on one scene and include a prologue and epilogue to describe the plot and put the scene in context.
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