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Originally Posted by tenshi no hane View Post
She breaks everything she's near (the mirror, the fruit etc). But her "breaking power" also breaks the car and saves the boy from being run over. Then her room is normal again.

I interpreted it as the breaking power symbolising bad self-esteem etc (feeling like you're a failure who just breaks everything around you), but then saving the boy shows that she shouldn't think like that and she feels better again (hence the normal room).
Wow, best interpretation so far. I love this.
Originally Posted by adantatu2 View Post
miwa what are you doing ?
神はご自分のひとり子を与えるほどに世を愛されたからだ。それは,彼を信じる者がみな滅びることなく,永遠 の命を持つためだ。
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