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I had attended todayís show.
Opening song has no intro, no tension or whatsoever and itís the exact copy of 11íPoM version of forgiveness. Come on! Itís a 20th anniversary tour. Give people something to treasure the past 20 years together. It doesnít feel like an anniversary live at all!!

Has anyone noticed that she broke into tears at the last few high notes in To Be....., I donít think itís because the song was so touching that made her cry. I think itís because she could hit those high notes. To be honest, i had attended her show 45 times. Her voice is broken for sure and i think she knows it too!

An anniversary show ended with A song os born, wtf?! And itís recycled from last PoM tour as well. How disappointing

Good thing is she finally sang ever free, Iíve been waiting for 17years! I think i may know the reasonwhy. Her singing career seems heading to an end and sadly it may happen pretty soon. Hope Iím wrong

Born to be is a nice surprise, finally itís sung in a tour not just CDL. Downside is, itís another recycled version from past concert. I was so disappointed that i had a heartache soon after the concert finished.

The title ď20th anniversaryĒ is a big misleading ticket selling gimmick! And I donít see how this tourís ticket is more expensive than the last one. Certainly donít see the upgrade in performance.

Now I look back, what did ďJust the beginning-20-ď mean in last year tour????
Now Iím so confused
I thought it would lead to something big in the 20th anniversary year, I havenít seen it though =(
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